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The North Pole Observer is a professional publication for all in the realm of the North Pole; Santa's helpers, Mrs. Claus, elves and all who are a part of the wonderful magic of Christmas. It is written, edited and produced for, and by Santa's helpers.
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We open with an excerpt from Santa Al Horton’s book ‘Santa’s Book of Knowledge’ that offers some magical insight into childhood and Santa. Sadly, Santa Al left us in 2013, but he also left all Santas, novice to professional a treasure trove of knowledge in his book. Also in this issue we proudly introduce you to a writer new to these pages, Daryl Knezevich. Daryl brings a new voice and wise words full of the Christmas Spirit to the North Pole Observer. His offering is called ‘Merry Christmas To You.’ If the name is familiar to you, he is indeed the grandson of Santa Lou Knezevich. Santa Lou and Mrs. Claus Knezevich attended the Santa Family Reunion this past March and offer up a taste of the gathering in Gatlinburg, Tenn. With my commentary, I have a short sidebar titled I Stayed Home you may find of interest. Santa Lou also offers a suggestion for adding some Christmas Magic in a piece titled Do You Believe?

Santa Lou explores the melancholy sadness of Christmas Eve and the end of our visits. If you find yourself sad and lonely following Christmas you may find some uplifting words of wisdom in this. I cannot express enough how valuable Santa Lou’s words of wisdom are to all who portray this powerful manifesting of the Spirit of Christmas.

This is the year I decided I can no longer be silent about what is important for the children, all children everywhere on planet Earth. In my commentary, you may not like my words, but the future for our children is too important to remain silent. If I do not stand up for the children, speak what I know, then my life will stand for nothing. Their futures and what we leave them is the most important issue we face.

Also in this issue you will find more from my collection of Christmas art, a few hints and suggestions for being a better Santa and maybe a surprise or two.

Summer is quickly turning to fall and Christmas will be here before we know it. If you are not already prepared, get prepared now.

This issue opens with Santa Lou Knezevich tackling the undercurrents of designer beards vs. real beards. He reminds us and shows us that tensions between designer and real beards are much ado about nothing. Also in this issue we offer a story by Santa Al Horton from our archives. Santa Al may be gone but he left us all with a treasure trove of wisdom and insight. This story, having breakfast with his sister, is a favorite of both Santa Lou and myself. Enjoy!

School is in session as the Northern Lights Santa Academy opens its doors for their premier weekend of classes. If you have been looking for quality education, mixed with wisdom and experience, do not miss out on this upcoming weekend. It takes place on Sept. 17 and 18 in Alpharetta, Georgia. For more information and link to site see page 3 in this issue.

Santa Lou reminds us Santas how very important and valuable Mrs. Claus is. I close out the issue with some samples from my recent years of working leather. It may light a spark in others to pursue alternate avenues of revenue in the off season. Enjoy the issue. The Special Christmas Edition should be published near the end of November.

Volume 6, Issue 1

It has been just over a year since I published the most recent issue of the North Pole Observer. In ‘View From My Porch’ in this issue I offer some reasons why. I have been enjoying retirement immensely for one.

This issue opens with a tale by Santa Lou Knezevich called, ‘A Christmas Eve to Remember.’ This experience by Santa Lou a few years ago is quite entertaining, informative and offers some lessons for us all. As always, wisdom is to be found in all of Santa Lou’s writings so don’t miss any of them. In another article, ‘The Other Claus,’ he brings us a reminder of who is, perhaps the most important Claus of all. He wraps up this issue with a ‘Shiny Surprise,’ and says farewell to a friend and Santa who has taken his final ride.

I offer a few treats along with a ride on the high banks of Bristol Motor Speedway in my article detailing some highlights and hazards from my Sleigh Ride 2015. Next, I include two articles I really did not want to write, but sometimes, words are necessary. In the first one, ‘Dear Santa; I Want A REAL Gun,’ I explore what I saw this year to be a very disturbing change. In the other article, ‘It Is Not Political,’ I question why are we leaving our children such a dark and dismal future. After all, as Santas, is not one of our prime responsibilities speaking up for and watching out for the welfare of children? I wrap up this issue with a reprint of an earlier article I had written that some of you may have read already called ‘A Man of Peace, A Man of Love.’ This one bears repeating and gives balance, bringing light to the prior two writings.

You will also find an assortment of classic Christmas images from my collection, along with other items of interest.

Volume 5, Issue 2

Welcome to the Special Christmas 2014 Edition of the North Pole Observer

This edition brings Summer, Fall and Christmas all rolled into one issue. From the depths of his wisdom, Santa Lou Knezevich explores the ethics of being Santa. Why should you care? Read the article and see. I include a bit of Christmas In July as I return to my roots, my home town, mixed with a special international flair. Santa Lou explores experiences and insights into dealing with the Elf on the Shelf. Don’t miss this one, it is a wonderful read filled with Santa knowledge. I have included one of my writings that I think is well worth repeating. It is centered on one of my real life heroes and a true man of God. His message is the message of Christmas, of peace and love. You will also find an assortment from my collection of Christmas images, along with a classic Christmas letter from decades past.

As a bit of self promotion, I also show some of the leather work I have created during 2014 as my retirement comes into bloom. My workshop will be open after Christmas as I prepare for projects in the coming year. If you find anything of interest, contact me early because I will only be making a limited number of items in the coming year.

Volume 5, Issue 1

Welcome to the Spring 2014 Edition of the North Pole Observer

In this issue we take a look at ClausFest 2014 held in Gatlinburg, Tenn., this past March. You will find numerous photos from the Santa parade, along with others from the event. Santa Lou Knezevich details how Mrs. Claus is and inspirational partner to Santa and growing in popularity and recognition. Santa Lou also reminds us that even thought it is spring turning to summer, Santa season is very near. To compliment Santa Lou’s reminder, I offer a list of items Santa should always have at hand. In another View from My Desk I offer my thoughts on retirement and life following. In an inspirational piece Santa Lou explores what it means to be Santa. In this issue you will also find other tidbits of knowledge along with more of the classic Christmas art from my collection.

Volume 4, Issue 2

Welcome to the Special Christmas Edition 2013 of the North Pole Observer.
In this issue we say good-by to Santa Al Horton who passed from this world earlier this fall. Santa Al has been a major contributor to not only the North Pole Observer, but many publications for Santas, as well as his own book, 'Santa's Book of Knowledge,' which is still available.

In this Special Issue you will also find more wisdom and insight from a premier Santa, Santa Lou Knezevich. He also offers a story about a special visit he will never forget. I offer a couple of stories which are very special to me, as well as becoming timeless in their telling. They take place within the Heart of Santa Claus. You will also find more classic art from my collection as well as words of wisdom. Enjoy!

Volume 4, Issue 1

Welcome to the Spring & Summer Edition of the North Pole Observer.
This issue has been a challenge. From a broken primary arm/wrist, to a broken computer to a mail server that didn't want to send out my proofs. In the face a numerous odds this winter and spring, here is the latest issue for you to enjoy.

This issue opens with a wonderful writing by Santa Lou Knezevich which is both a tribute to Mrs. Claus, and encouragement for those wives who haven't, to join Santa. I follow up with some details on the day I broke my arm/wrist, and the miracles I saw that afternoon. Santa offers two more writings; one on what to wear and do for Breakfast with Santa; along with some very wise suggestions and knowledge for every Santa on those special visits to hospitals, clinics and hospices. An evening I spent listening to a favorite columnist, Leonard Pitts, turned into a good lesson for all Santas. Drawing from Santa Al Horton's well of knowledge, I include an article he wrote a few years ago for Christmas in July. Are you ready? You will also find other tidbits of knowledge along with more classic Christmas art from my collection.

Welcome to the Special Christmas Edition of the North Pole Observer.
This issue opens with a wonderful piece on Christmas memories by Santa Lou Knezevich. It may stir in you some long buried memories that you may rediscover and cherish once again. Inside you will find a well researched and written, and quite appropriate Christmas article from Santa Al's archives, along with an update on Santa Al. Santa Lou gives us some wonderful insight on making our appearances real and how our first impression is key. You will find more words and thoughts, tips and info, along with an assortment of our classic art offerings.
I offer a few thoughts on the ease of dressing for a real bearded Santa as opposed to the traditional Santa in 'I have it made.' Do you hear everything each child says? Really? Santa Lou gives some valuable information for Santa who just does not hear very well.

This issue opens with a wonderful piece on big kids and little kids by Santa Lou Knezevich. Inside you will find an article from Santa Al's archives, along with an update on Santa Al. Santa Lou reminds us about our health and keeping Santa and Mrs. Claus fit for the season all year round in an informative piece which also offers some tips. You will find more words and thoughts, tips and info, along with an assortment of our classic art offerings.
This issue is one that I have not relished putting together, but one that, sadly, became necessary it appears. Santa behavior from some has not been too nice in recent years, and this year it has taken a whole new turn downward. Santa Lou Knezevich and I both, and separately, offer our thoughts in commentary.

2012 is well underway and Christmas in July will be here before we can turn around. In this issue, Santa Lou Knezevich asks some very pertinent questions about Santas and charity. I offer my thoughts on a very important program which was introduced in Santa Claus, Ind., at the Jim Yellig Santa Claus Workshop earlier this year. Santa Lou reminds us with a wonderful article on 'Things to Do' that Christmas is just around the corner and things need to be done now. We have an update on Santa Al Horton, along with a short offering from Christmas past. I found a real surprise with my new betl this past Christmas, and we offer up more classic art. Enjoy

Special Christmas Edition
Volume 2, Issue 4
December 2011

Merry Christmas 2011 from all of us at the North Pole Observer. This Special Christmas Edition opens with a wonderful Christmas story from Lou Knezevich. He follows that up with a tribute to his very dear friend, and a world-class Santa, Al Horton. As of publication of this issue, Santa Al Horton lies in a hospital in Nevada undergoing intensive rehabilitation.
Also in the special issue you will find the last column I received from Santa Al, along with some suggestions for a worry free Christmas; A bit of magic from Lou Knezevich; Some thoughts on love and peace from the editor; and more stories and artwork, old and new. Enjoy.

FALL 2011
Volume 2, Issue 3
Sept.-Nov. 2011

Fall is here and Christmas is right on its heels. Santa Lou Knezevich kicks off this issue with an article called 'Acting like Santa.' Also you will find how Santa Al Horton began his journey into the realm of the North Pole; information from Santa Lou on sleep problems, potential causes and cures; A story that Art Linkletter would have been very familiar with; information on getting healthy and how to maintain that health; helpful suggestions on being your own Santa boss; a few words from me on some happenings in the world of Santa Claus; along with more classic art from my files.

It's Christmas in July! Are you ready? Fall and Christmas are approaching fast. Checking your list? Santa Lou Knezevich offers some sage advice; Saying good-by is never easy. I offer up some stories from lives lived well which hold lessons for us all; Santa Al Horton re-tells a wonderful breakfast story; From Santa America, keeping Santa's healthy, children's health report, Ernest Berger claims the South Pole, and a search for health stars; and much, much more.

Lessons and knowledge from a Santa who wore the red suit for 44 years; Who really wrote " 'T'was the Night Before Christmas?"; a look back at the Red Suit Roundtable in Atlanta, Ga., which brought together several organizations to share, learn and enjoy the weekend filled with events; SPAM; and much more

Patience, Santa; Bad Santa; Staying Healthy During the Holidays; Is Santa Claus Real?; 'Tis the Season; Christmas Art; and much more

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